PhpSpec Live Templates for PhpStorm

During PhpSpec & PhpStorm webinar recorded together with JetBrains I've mentioned couple of times how Live Templates can speed up your development. Personally on daily basis I'm using templates I've created for PhpSpec and shared after the webinar but since then I've improved those and would like to share it with you

Autocompleting PhpSpec's SUS in PhpStorm

TL;DR: adding @mixin annotation to your specifications you will give you SUS auto-completion. I think one of the problems of PhpSpec adaptation is lack of IDE's support, and while community is doing heck of a job asking for official support on Jetbrains Issue tracker we still can make our life easier

Dealing with floating-point calculations in PHP

Long time ago – while learning PHP – I found the following piece of code: echo intval((0.1+0.7)*10); // int(7) and then I forgot about it. And while I can understand that the above code returns the number 7 instead of 8, the knowledge and memory of this is critically