Autocompleting PhpSpec's SUS in PhpStorm

TL;DR: adding @mixin annotation to your specifications you will give you SUS auto-completion. I think one of the problems of PhpSpec adaptation is lack of IDE's support, and while community is doing heck of a job asking for official support on Jetbrains Issue tracker we still can make our life easier

Scaling Symfony2 apps with RabbitMQ

My talk for the August edition of Symfony UK Meetup. Abstract of the talk: Dealing with resource-consuming tasks in PHP can affect performance or even make you lose money because of poor user experience. Fortunately there are strategies for dealing with such problems and one of these is queueing. In this session

DDD Building Blocks in PHP: Value Object

This post is the first post of the series that will discuss Building Blocks of Domain-Driven Design. Definition according to Martin Fowler: A small simple object, like money or a date range, whose equality isn't based on identity Value Object is an object that represents a concept from your problem Domain. It

Dealing with floating-point calculations in PHP

Long time ago – while learning PHP – I found the following piece of code: echo intval((0.1+0.7)*10); // int(7) and then I forgot about it. And while I can understand that the above code returns the number 7 instead of 8, the knowledge and memory of this is critically